Working like a dog

Working like
a dog

Working like a dog
‘Working like a dog’ is an open choreography for a poet and a dancer. It does develop no narration and tries to escape theatricality. It emphasis the relation to shared time and space where it happens. It comes from a wish of kinaesthetic extension of imagination(imagined body, space and time), and is based on impossible tasks given to performer. An understanding between a poet and a dancer emerges from their shared sensibility for moments where states of being change. The meaning of the spoken words merges with the movements of the body. Can I levitate now?

  • Choreography & dance → Maria Zimpel
  • Text & performance → Eric Green
  • Production → ImageTanz 2011, TheatreBRUT, Vienna
  • Special thanks to → Anna Moser | Polish Institut in Vienna

  • → 09.03.2011 (Premiere) Image Tanz / BrutTheatre / Vienna, Austria
  • → 18.03.2011 For The Time Being / 4-Day Performance Assembly / am Flutgraben / Berlin
  • → 01.08.2011 Serendypia / Pasaż Kultury / Galeria Miejska Arsenał / Poznañ
  • → 29.09.2012 So what about Polish dance? / Pre-Platform Presentations / Stary Browar / Studio Słodownia +2 / Poznañ
Photography → Nina Kurtela