Space gives place

Space gives

Space gives place
Choreographic layers emerge from of a gravitational field, repeating themselves, revealing geometric grids and forming polyphonic rhythms. Space becomes movement, a wave, a field. Space happens and we become part of the event. Maria Zimpel’s choreographic research references quantum physics, quantum gravity and perception in motion. Using modular choreographic systems, she releases physicality to create her own dance language. Space becomes movement and the body becomes space. Can you hear space dancing?

A poetic text "A choreographic event is in a quantum state. Space is happening, giving us places to be twins to each other. Look, light light is carrying tone tales and many layers of your body are many layers of your watery Earth. If I were living on a moon’s dusty desert’s trampoline, I could only observe the beauty of this Planet from very far. Could we ever come close enough to see the leaf’s fingerprints and a plant growing in her tuning? Can you hear space dancing? Body is Space. It’s dancing."

The world premiere of the piece, developed in residence at K3, was originally planned for April 2020 and happened in October 2020.

  • Choreography&dance → Maria Zimpel
  • Music → ‘Long tone tales’ by Wacław Zimpel
  • Light, Object & Costume design → Dorota Kabała | We design for physical culture
  • Costume sewing → Anna Joniak | FORMA Fashion School in Poznañ
  • Technical realisation of light → Jana Köster with Sascha Ertel
  • Dramaturgy → Niklaus Bein
  • Production → K3|Tanzplan Hamburg
  • Special thanks to → DeVir CAPa - an artistic residency programme in Faro, Contemporary Art Center CSW/Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw and Stary Browar Nowy Taniec Art Station Foundation by GraŽyna Kulczyk in Poznañ for the rehearsal spaces; to Aicha Diakite for consultations on lighting, and to Elli Pomoni for consultation on Quantum Physics references.

Photography → Vera Drebusch

Cover photo → Ramond Liew Jin Pin

Space Gives